Reporting & Surveillance

The CFMA Certification Division encourages certified persons, stakeholders, and the public to report credential misuse, whether real or perceived. All reports of misuse shall be investigated and adjudicated to ensure the integrity of the CCIFP credential.

Use of the credential is expressly prohibited by individuals who have:

  • not been awarded the certification;
  • failed to maintain their certification;
  • been revoked; or
  • voluntarily resigned their certification.

Credential misuse is a violation of CFMA Certification Division Policies and falls within the purview of the Code of Ethics Enforcement Procedure. The CCIFP designation and all other intellectual property of CFMA Certification Division are protected by law, copyright, and/or trademark. Misuse or reference to them without permission is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

Surveillance: CFMA Certification Division employs several methods of identifying credential misuse including, but not limited to, internet searches. The Ethics Committee assists in the identification and disposition of violations of the Use policies and, as such, has the ability to self-initiate a misuse complaint.

Reporting: Instances of real or perceived credential misuse are called Complaints when they are reported to CFMA Certification Division. Two avenues for reporting complaints are available: in writing or by telephone hotline.

It is the intention of the CFMA Certification Division to ensure that the Guidelines for Use of the CCIFP Credential are followed by all Certified Persons.

Written Complaints: A written complaint against a Certified Person may be submitted by any party when a person or entity, certified or not, appears to have violated CFMA Certification Division Guidelines for Use of the CCIFP Credential. Written complaints may be submitted:

  • Via mail to: CFMA Certification Division Attn: Executive Director, 100 Village Boulevard, Suite 200, Princeton, NJ 08540
  • Via fax to: 609-452-0474
  • Via email to: [email protected]

Content of the Complaint, whether written or telephone, must include the following:

  • the name and contact information of the complainant
  • the name of the individual against whom the Complaint is being lodged
  • statement of facts and detail surrounding the alleged misuse of the CCIFP credential (which should, ideally, include: date, time, location, circumstances of how the misuse was discovered)

Please note: no action will be taken solely on the basis of an anonymous complaint.