CFMA CCIFP Chapter Champions

If you are interested in becoming a Chapter Champion, or would like more information, please contact the CFMA Certification Division at 609-945-2400 or [email protected]

By serving as a liaison between CCIFP Certification and their own local CFMA Chapter Board, Chapter Champions advocate for local CCIFP preparation, education, and examination. The CFMA Certification Division will support you with resources.

This includes:

  • Exam preparation - CFMA’s CCIFP Overview Seminar and/or forming Study Groups
  • Continuing education at their Chapter - Create peer groups and opportunities for CPE at your chapter
  • Offering Remote Exams
  • Publicizing CCIFP achievements on the chapter website and other social media
  • Publicly recognizing CCIFPs at the chapter level
  • Engaging volunteers to serve on item writing and review committees