Peer-led Study Group 

ICCIFP hosted a peer-led study group in preparation for the CCIFP exam in late summer 2020. Please use these provided resources to help you in your preparation for the CCIFP exam! 

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Materials for 8/11


Overall loss example - August 2020

Meeting Recording, Password: CC!FPstudygroup1


Materials for 8/18

Comparison of income recognition methods

Accounting for long term contracts 

Exercise 3 CCM example 

Exercise 2 POC loss job 

CFMA exercise 1 worksheet and answer key

Meeting Recording, Password CC!FPstudygroup2


Materials for 8/25 


Income Recognition

Meeting Recording, Password: CC!FPstudygroup3


Materials from 9/1

Legal 2

Legal Outline 

Eichleay Formula

Legal CCIFP Exam Study Guide

Meeting Recording, Password: CC!FPstudygroup4


Materials from 9/8

Accounting for long term contracts

CFMA exercise 1

Comparison of income recognition methods

POC loss job 

CCM example


Meeting Recording, Password: CC!FPstudygroup5


Final review

Meeting Recording