You will take the CCIFP exam in a single, 4½-hour proctored session. The exam contains 200 multiple-choice questions about construction financial management and other topics. Each question on the exam contains four options or choices, only one of which is the correct or best answer. You will be asked to select the correct or best answer from these options. Your examination and calculator will be computer-based. A testing guide has been created to familiarize candidates with the Pearson testing screens.

Candidates may leave the room upon completion of their exam. Any items brought into the room must be stored according to the requirements of the Pearson testing center. The use of books, papers, devices with memory capabilities, wireless devices capable of transmitting text, and cellular telephones is strictly prohibited. All electronic devices shall be turned off and stowed for the duration of the examination. There are no scheduled rest breaks during the testing session; however, you may leave at your discretion to use the restroom. Restrooms will be checked for the presence of exam assistance materials and communication devices.