Company Owners

Most construction company owners expect their CFO or controller to wear many hats. Many disciplines such as IT, HR and contract administration report to them, or for smaller contractors the CFO may perform them directly. Unfortunately, company owners use a CPA license as a primary criteria for hiring a CFO even though that alone does not guarantee competence in construction accounting, much less the other knowledge domains required of a CFO.

If you are hiring someone for a senior-level financial management position in your company, you can be confident that a candidate with the CCIFP certification for construction is qualified. The CCIFP designation demonstrates a high level of competence in all areas of construction financial management, including these eight knowledge domains:

  1. Accounting and reporting
  2. Income recognition methods
  3. Risk management
  4. Budgeting and planning
  5. Legal
  6. Human resources
  7. Taxes
  8. Information technology

The CCIFP exam can be challenging even for a CFO professional with ten or more years experience. That's why company owners can be confident that an individual with the CCIFP certification for construction has met a high standard as a construction financial manager, but furthermore, has also met a high ethical standard. Click here to see a list of CCIFPs in your area.

Owners interested in learning whether their current CPA firm is properly qualified for a construction certification should download our white paper on "What should you look for in a construction CPA firm." In addition to reviewing the white paper, it is always a good business practice to RFP for services every few years. We are happy to offer an RFP template which you may view and download as a Word document for customization.