The exam will be given under strict security. You will be required to show a government-issued photo identification in order to enter the testing room. Trained proctors will supervise the exam. Irregularities observed during the exam, such as creating a disturbance, giving or receiving unauthorized information or aid to or from other examinees, or attempting to remove exam materials or notes from the testing room, may be sufficient cause to end your participation in the exam, or to invalidate or cancel your score. Irregularities may be identified by observation or suspicion by the exam proctors or may be evidenced by subsequent statistical analysis of exam responses. ICCIFP reserves the right to investigate each incident of misconduct or irregularity. The theft or attempted theft of the exam or the copying or disclosure of exam questions is punishable by law.

Test Site Requirements

  1. You must present a government-issued photo identification (e.g., driver's license) in order to take the exam. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE TO THIS REQUIREMENT.
  2. You should arrive at the test site at least 15 minutes prior to the registration start time to allow sufficient time to check in. Should you not be able to make the examination on time, you MUST notify the ICCIFP immediately or your exam fee shall be forfeited. You will also be responsible for any Pearson fees associated with a late cancellation before rescheduling your exam.
  3. Your examination and calculator will be computer-based. You may not use devices with memory capabilities, audible beepers, cellular phones, or books or papers in the testing room. Taking notes is prohibited during the exam.
  4. Unauthorized persons will not be allowed in the testing room. 
  5. Only water will be allowed in the testing room. All other food and beverages are prohibited.
  6. You will be required accept the non-disclosure agreement.

Before taking the exam, you will be asked to accept the following Non-Disclosure Agreement:

I will not disclose or provide to anyone orally, electronically, or in any other format, information about the content of this examination. I understand that all documents and examination questions are, and shall remain property of, the Institute of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals.

If you do not accept this agreement, you may be dismissed from the testing center. The theft or attempted theft of the exam or the copying or disclosure of exam questions is punishable by law.


Your performance on the exam will be measured against a predetermined standard of knowledge. This standard is the basic knowledge level that can reasonably be expected of individuals with fundamental competence in construction financial management. You will NOT be measured against the performance of the other individuals taking the exam. This means that if everyone who takes the exam meets the knowledge standard, everyone will pass.

The passing score for the CCIFP exam is set by a national panel of people representative of the construction financial management profession who are also certificate holders. These Certified Professionals have reviewed each exam question, evaluated the difficulty of the question, and made a judgment as to how a professional with fundamental competence would perform on the question. Questions that appear to be flawed are reviewed by ICCIFP’s Examination Committee to determine if they should be deleted from scoring entirely or if credit should be given for more than one answer. These judgments are analyzed statistically to determine the passing score.