Exam Preparation

ICCIFP offers the following suggestions for preparing for the exam:

1. Review the exam content/knowledge domains and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a good understanding of the content area?
  • Do I use this knowledge area regularly at work?

Plan your studying based on your answers to these questions. For example, for knowledge domains you have a good understanding of and use every day, you may only need to do a quick review to prepare for the exam, whereas for areas with which you are less familiar, you may decide that you need more in-depth study or training before taking the exam. When planning your studying, you should also think about what percentage of the exam questions will cover each knowledge domain. If you are not very familiar with a knowledge domain that will include a significant proportion of the exam questions, you probably should spend some additional time studying this area.

2. Decide which study resources will best help you to prepare for the exam. The references listed may be helpful when you are reviewing the content areas included on the exam. (Note: The listing of these references is intended for use as a study aid only. ICCIFP does not intend the list to imply endorsement of specific texts). You may choose to study on your own or, if you know other construction financial professionals in your area who are taking the exam, you may want to form a study group.

3. Answer the sample questions to help familiarize yourself with the type of questions that will be on the exam.


The following is a list of references that may be helpful in reviewing for the exam. This list is intended for use as a study aid only. ICCIFP does not intend the list to imply endorsement of these specific references, nor are the exam questions necessarily taken from these sources.

  • Financial Management and Accounting for the Construction Industry, CFMA; Matthew Bender & Co., Inc., Pub.153 Order Here
  • CFMA Building Profits, CFMA; various issues from 1999-present
  • CFMA's Study Guide for the CCIFP Exam Order Here
  • CFMA’s CCIFP Recorded Overview Seminar
  • Various Construction Accounting Publications
  • Various Industry Standard Contract Forms
  • Various Accounting Procedure Rules and Regulations from AICPA, FASB, and IRS

Computer-Based Testing Guide

A testing guide has been created to give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Pearson testing screens. The guide includes screen shots which detail how to navigate through the exam, flagging items to review, etc. We encourage all candidates to review the document in advance in an effort to reduce some test anxiety. The advance understanding will allow you to focus on just the exam - and not the process.