Enrich your experience and create new relationships with your peers by serving as a volunteer Committee member.

Our organization thrives on the willingness of CCIFPs to volunteer. There is no prior experience necessary; just be an active CCIFP in good standing in order to participate. Generally, these groups meet once a month or less via teleconference.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, or would like more information, please contact ICCIFP at 609-945-2400 or e-mail.

Committee opportunities currently available include the following:

  • Complaints & Appeals Committee - responsible for ensuring impartial examination of the concerns of individuals who have applied for or received certification or recertification seeking to contest an adverse decision or proposed action.
  • Compliance & Recertification Committee - responsible for the oversight of the recertification and decertification processes of ICCIFP.
  • Professional Development Committee - responsible for deciding what courses, seminars, conferences, etc will qualify for and be accepted as CPE credit towards CCIFP recertification; list of approved providers for recertification; policy/guidelines for evaluating alternate sources of credit.
  • Eligibility Committee - responsible for the application, candidate information bulletin, candidate eligibility inquiries, and more.
  • Ethics Workgroup - responsible for the "Exercises in Ethics" articles in the monthly e-newsletter, maintenance/development of ethics-related education, the CCIFP code of ethics, and more.
  • Examination Administration Committee - responsible for oversight of test administration, proctor training, and general examination administration policies.
  • Examination Development Committee - responsible for test development, question writing; test administration, validation, scoring and reporting.
  • Finance Committee - responsible for ensuring good financial health, asset protection, and appropriate use of resources.
  • Fundraising Committee - responsible for establishing guidelines for soliciting and accepting financial support on behalf of ICCIFP; and developing and hosting events, programs and other methods of fundraising.
  • Governance Committee - responsible for the development and recommendation of governance and organizational principles to the Board of Trustees.
  • Internal Audit Committee - responsible for auditing policies and procedures to ensure that program, examination, governance, and administration policies are followed and enforced.
  • Marketing Committee - responsible for establishing awareness, interest and recognition for the certification program.

Committee Chairs for 2015/16

Accreditation: Gordon Marshall
Complaints & Appeals: M. Aron Dunn
Compliance & Recertification: Dan Owens
Professional Development: Jackie Buck & John Corcoran
Eligibility: Lisa Hitt
Ethics: Julie Jondahl
Exam Administration: Gretchen Kelly
Exam Development: Bob Biehl
Finance: Chuck Elyea
Fundraising: TBD
Governance: David James
Internal Audit: David Massey
Marketing & Chapter Champions: Chuck Elyea
Nominating & Leadership: Joselin Martin
Strategic Planning: Joselin Martin