Why Certification?

Earning your CCIFP Certification is the most important step you can take to accelerate your career and underscore your excellence in construction financial management.

Construction finance is no longer just about what you know—facts and figures—but rather how you effectively implement and communicate that knowledge in every project, every day. CCIFP certification gives you the opportunity to prove not only what you know but also how you can apply that knowledge on the job.

A CCIFP certification demonstrates to the broad construction business community that you have strong capabilities in all aspects of construction financial management—competency, knowledge, and communication—that are required for effective job performance.

Earning your CCIFP credential makes you a recognized expert, a leader in the construction field, and an asset to your organization -- making you and your organization more competitive in today's economy.

Show your expertise in construction financial management by going above and beyond financial generalists. Earn your CCIFP credential today!


“The CCIFP credential means credibility with my construction clients and prospects as well as my team and my peers. Given the very competitive market, many of us find ourselves in, we are all looking for that difference that sets us apart.  The CCIFP is that differential that we look for when we are in a competitive bid situation.” Andrew J. Rose, CPA, CGMA, CCIFP, Principal, Rehmann

“The CCIFP designation gave me an in-depth understanding of the construction industry as a whole.   It allowed me to become more knowledgeable construction industry professional and make better decisions.  The CCIFP helped me to grow as a leader.   Most importantly, the CCIFP enables me to maintain high professional performance through continued professional development requirements necessary to maintain the certification.” Sanela Minica, CCIFP, Controller, MPG Pipeline Construction