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Whether a CPA or a contractor, being a Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP®) is not only a mark of distinction; it is a demonstration of commitment to continuing education and sound knowledge about the business of construction, and the best way to maintain the knowledge demanded by this rapidly changing environment.

Contractors: Quality, safety and time are on the top of your list as you plan, develop and coordinate a construction project. Others look to you for guidance with labor and materials, which will yield flawless and timely results. Your recommendations to correct and improve building plans are invaluable, and your insight into budgetary needs to ensure a project’s success is necessary.

CPAs: The industry is extremely complex from a financial perspective, and clients need to know that they have a professional by their side with the experience and knowledge to guide them through vital financial issues.

The Value Behind CCIFP

The Institute sets high standards for achieving the prestigious CCIFP credential. To even be considered eligible to sit for the certification examination, applicants must meet the minimum requirements in the areas of formal education and professional experience. Their work experience is verified, and they must agree to adhere to ICCIFP’s Code of Ethics.

To maintain active certification, the Institute requires that each CCIFP complete a minimum of 72 hours of continuing education triennially, demonstrating that they have continued employment as a construction financial professional and reaffirming the Code of Ethics.

Proudly Promote Certification

Demonstrate and capitalize on the value of an employee who has earned the CCIFP credential, proudly display these icons on your Web site, advertisements, marketing materials, profiles, and other media.

These icons are symbols of accomplishment, experience and success.

Icons for use by individuals, owners of construction companies, or CPA firms:


Additional "Certified Since" logos:

Certified Since 1999
Certified Since 2000
Certified Since 2001
Certified Since 2002
Certified Since 2003
Certified Since 2004
Certified Since 2005
Certified Since 2006
Certified Since 2007
Certified Since 2008
Certified Since 2009
Certified Since 2010
Certified Since 2011
Certified Since 2012
Certified Since 2013
Certified Since 2014

Icons for use by suppliers or sponsors to show your support of ICCIFP:


We have many different versions of these logos on file including black and white. Please let us know your requirements and we will try to accommodate your request. For full descriptions of the basic guidelines and to see SAMPLE applications, click here for our Logo Usage Guidelines.

To find out more or get your icons please contact: [email protected]

Downloadable flyer to give to Public Relations or Marketing Director.

Champion Staff’s Accomplishments

Fostering professional development is a smart move, especially in the turbulent times our industry currently faces. Promoting your staff’s accomplishments is one of the key ways to demonstrate that your firm is up-to-date on financials best practices for the construction industry.

A company’s people and culture are two things that cannot be easily duplicated by its competition. Employees who are CERTIFIED give you a competitive edge.

Now that one or more in your team are Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (CCIFP)—the only certification to recognize financial professionals for the construction industry—use it to further the growth of your company. Having a CCIFP on staff shows your commitment to the profession and to the construction industry.

As part of an elite group of professionals nationwide, CCIFPs enjoy a level of credibility, opportunities for industry involvement, and industry-wide recognition.

The CCIFP designation raises the standards for construction financial professionals by giving special recognition to those who demonstrate skill and proficiency in their field, verified through advanced education, professional experience, and rigorous examination.

Don’t waste the value of certification. Proudly promote certification using the provided icons and tools. Contact ICCIFP at [email protected], (609-945-2400), or visit