2024-2025 Certification Board Of Trustees

Officers/Executive Committee

   Kari M. Juvera, CCIFP, CPA, CGMA, CRIS
   Albuquerque Chapter
   Enterprise Builders Corporation




   Vice Chair
   Joel Dziedzic, CCIFP, CPA, CIT
   Chicago Chapter





   Bryan Eto, CPA, CCIFP, CPE, CGMA
   Valley of the Sun Chapter
   Beach Fieschman





   Immediate Past Chair
   David Pesce, CCIFP
   New Jersey Chapter
   Munich Re





   Certification Board Representative
   Jennifer L. Murphy, CCIFP
   Western Michigan Chapter
   Pleune Service Company





harry schirer   Certification Board Representative
   Harry Schirer, CCIFP
   San Diego Chapter
   Brady West Inc





   Certification Board Member
   Margie Morris, CCIFP
   Central Florida Chapter





   Certification Board Member
   Jose Parra, CCIFP, MBA, CAS
   Miami Dade Chapter
   MGH Consulting





   Certification Board Member
   David wightman
   Houston Chapter
   Alliant Insurance Services





   Certification Board Member
   Steven P Altobello
   Kansas City Chapter
   Shilling Construction Company Inc





   Certification Board Member
   M. Aron Dunn, CCIFP
   Greater Wichita Chapter
   Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, L.C.





   Certification Board Member
   Hope Voigt, CPA, CCIFP
   Northeastern Wisconsin, Green Bay Chapter
   Tweet/Garot Mechanical