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It’s Never Been Easier to Earn Your CCIFP Designation

Chuck Elyea, CCIFP
ICCIFP’s 2017-18

Throughout the upcoming year, I will continue focusing on making it easier to earn the CCIFP designation. Now, that doesn’t mean the exam questions are any easier – however, we have simplified the exam process.

Let’s look at all of the changes over the past few years that have streamlined the certification process.


Most prospective candidates begin their CCIFP journey by visiting www.iccifp.org, which was relaunched in 2015. It is intuitive, content-driven, and mobile friendly. One of the newer features is a searchable directory of CCIFPs; now, anyone can easily find CCIFPs by location, company, and other attributes.

“Am I Certifiable?” Seminar

The “Am I Certifiable?” seminar was designed to generate interest in the designation and typically held in person or via online presentation. Now, we have condensed this information into a brief animated video on www.iccifp.org.


When applying for the exam, candidates now experience a more streamlined process than ever before. From beginning to end, the application takes only about 5-10 minutes to complete. Candidates can also save their application and complete it at a later time if needed – a feature previously not available. Those wishing to pay via check can still complete a paper copy or PDF of the application and submit it with payment.

Overview Class

CFMA’s CCIFP Overview Course continues to be the only preparation course available. Currently, the sessions are held via live webinars and recorded for viewing anytime.

CFMA is also working on revamping the overview course, which will be divided into segments aligned with the exam’s knowledge domains. These classes will be produced in a modern Learning Management System (LMS) format with integrated quizzes that can be taken at any time.

On-Demand Testing

Previously, we administered 12-18 paper-and-pencil exams across the U.S. each year, including at CFMA’s Annual Conference, regional conferences, or as hosted by chapters – all typically held in major metropolitan areas. This was not only inconvenient for test-takers in other areas of the country, but it could also be costly due to airfare and lodging. And, a missed exam usually meant that candidates would have to wait another year before the next exam near their location was scheduled.

Last October, the Institute moved to computer-based on-demand testing, which is administered by Pearson Professional Centers (with locations throughout the U.S.), to greatly increase a candidate’s opportunity to sit for an exam. For example, a candidate can apply online and take the exam within a week or up to 90 days after receiving an authorization e-mail.

Retaking the Exam

If a candidate doesn’t pass the exam, he or she will receive a diagnostic report sorted by knowledge domain that indicates which areas need more study. Retaking the exam has also become faster and more affordable. Previously, unsuccessful candidates had to wait a minimum of six months to retake the exam (assuming the exam location was located nearby); the minimum wait time is now two weeks. In addition, the retake fee has been reduced to $300 to encourage more people to pursue the designation.

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming a CCIFP? It’s never been easier!

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