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 Subject : Hiring good site workers from the trainee to the super.. 02/09/2016 05:02:30 PM 
Joselin R. Martin, CPA, CCIFP, CGMA
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Survey how companies are getting and keeping good site workers:

1. Finding skilled workers (ads, schools/training programs, referral programs, stealing from other sites, etc..)
2. Vetting applicants (references, skills tests, background checks, drug tests, etc)
3. Training (required for hire, new employee training, on-the-job training, safety vs skills training, reimbursement policies...)
4. Moving up the ladder (how do you move a skilled worker to supervisory position - or not, evaluations, mentorships, cross-skills)
5. Retention (base salary, bonus programs by job or company performance, spot bonus/attaboy, recognition, perks..)
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