The Institute of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (ICCIFP) is dedicated to the highest standard and best practices within our profession. That’s a standard we help to promote and recognize through construction accounting certification – the CCIFP credential.

Established in 2003, and today with more than 1,100 active CCIFPs nationwide, the CCIFP credential is the only standard to recognize that a financial manager truly knows the business of construction. Certification affords you a competitive edge over your peers, by demonstrating your commitment to your profession and the construction industry as a whole by completing a rigorous construction finance exam.

The CCIFP designation is endorsed by industry-leading organizations like ASA, CFMA, CICPAC, IRMI, NASBP, and others.

ICCIFP provides construction accounting certification holders with opportunities for continuing education to help them maintain their knowledge and certification in an ever-changing field. ICCIFP is an independent, separately incorporated entity affiliated with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA).

The eligibility requirements and exam materials for ICCIFP’s certification program are based on a thorough study of the current scope of practice in construction financial management. A national survey of construction financial professionals was conducted to define the scope of practice for construction financial professionals and determine the content areas appropriate for the exam. The survey results are representative of the core work activities performed and the knowledge used by construction financial professionals in the day-to-day performance of their jobs. A representative panel of construction financial professionals reviewed the results of the survey and, based on the data, identified the core work activities and essential knowledge associated with fundamental competency in construction financial management. The content of the exam is derived from the identified scope of practice and essential knowledge domains and, thus, reflects the day to day practices of construction financial professionals nationwide.

Periodically, a representative panel of construction financial professionals reviews the current scope of practice and the results of the survey to validate the content of the exam and to adjust the content or to conduct a new job analysis survey when needed.

The exam questions are written by construction financial professionals and, in a separate process, are reviewed by a panel of construction financial management experts prior to being selected for the exam. As the exam is changed, the questions are analyzed statistically to identify any hidden flaws, resolved as needed, and the exam is authorized to be administered. The exam question pool for ICCIFP’s certification program is updated on a regular basis to reflect current construction financial management practices. Individual questions that have been shown by statistical analysis to be unclear or unfair are modified or deleted from the pool. ICCIFP’s construction accounting certification exam has been designed in accordance with testing industry standards for validity and reliability.

Validity is the degree to which the content of the exam reflects the knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of a construction financial professional in a competent and efficient manner.

Reliability is the accuracy of the exam results; that is, the degree to which the exam results are free from measurement errors.

For more about the CCIFP Examination, download the Candidate Information Bulletin here.