Professional Development

CCIFPs are required to participate in professional development activities totaling at least 72 credits* over the three year certification period. More importantly, at least two-thirds of those credits must be in construction-specific activities. Why so many you may ask? Well, that answer is simple and it’s what sets apart the CCIFP designation from other general financial credentials: The CCIFP designation is the only industry-recognized credential for construction financial professionals.

Professional development (PD) enables CCIFPs to maintain their professional competence and perform quality work. All CCIFPs are responsible for complying with all applicable PD requirements, rules and regulations of the ICCIFP.

We have created the “ICCIFP Professional Development Credit Policy for Recertification Maintenance” to provide CCIFPs with clear, specific guidelines on qualifying and non-qualifying professional development activities.

* based upon the date you passed the examination during the calendar year, your credits will be prorated in the first year of your certification according to the “ICCIFP Professional Development Credit Proration Policy.”